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Candy Cotton


Welcome to the Eastern Idaho Writers League Website


    To promote the charitable and educational purposes for which it was founded, the Eastern Idaho Writers League has developed this website. It is our belief that the information contained here will further the objectives of the league.

    On this site you will find information about our history and our organization's connection to "our parent group"--Idaho Writer's League.   Members can read copies of our newsletter and follow for information about upcoming events. Our Author page showcases Idaho Writer's published work as well as author support. This site is under construction as our fledgling group gets going. You can also contact us and learn how to join the Eastern Idaho Writers League. 


State chartered and incorporated, The Idaho Writer's League is a 501c-3 tax exempt organization formed for the purpose of:


1. Promoting and maintaining a high standard of literary output and recognizing the accomplishments of Idaho writers.

2. Stimulating public respect and supporting the art and profession of writing.

3. Providing a unified organization for writers and those with serious interest in writing and literary skills.

4. Encouraging new literary talent; exchanging ideas through the League publication and local and state meetings.

5. Stimulating writing by means of contests and recognition awards.

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